Welcome to Max’s South Seas Hideaway!

Exotic Cocktails & Fine Food: Your New Hidden Paradise!

A South Seas Escape

Experience a unique, world-class immersive experience for friends, co-workers, or a romantic escape.

Our three-story urban oasis will feature an immersive two-story dining and drinking experience designed to transport guests to a distant tropical paradise bathed in perpetual twilight. Our third floor, opening in late 2020, will include boutique lodging that carries on our tiki theme.

Max’s will feature an original interior design from Bamboo Ben and Notch Gonzalez, two of the best-known tiki artisans in the world, along with a giant collection of vintage and modern tiki art and decor.

Fresh Drinks of Paradise

We craft our cocktails to order, one by one, with fresh juices, good booze, and our own aloha spirit. Doing things this way sometimes takes longer than your typical bar drink, so hang loose, kick back, relax, and enjoy this secret “oasis” in the city.

Oasis Hosts

Some of the best-known tiki entrepreneurs and artists are joining forces in downtown Grand Rapids to create a monumental new dining and drinking experience.

Max’s South Seas Hideaway, a partnership between Martin Cate, a James Beard award-winning author, bar owner, and rum and exotic cocktail expert, Mark Sellers, creator of acclaimed bars like HopCat, Stella’s Lounge and TikiCat, and Gecko, a renowned Hawaii-based tiki and Polynesian artist.